Premium Strategies has been at the forefront of providing best practice workers compensation solutions for over 5 years, allowing us to integrate the most cost effective and innovative strategies with each and every employer we represent.

Established in early 2012, Premium Strategies is a family owned and operated specialised workers compensation consultancy located just 5km outside of the Sydney CBD in Neutral Bay. Following a long history in the workers compensation industry and a burning passion for both Human and Financial outcomes, Premium Strategies was initially founded to allow all types of business access to cost effective, specialist workers compensation services which had traditionally been focused on large employers. Our initial passion to support SME employers now sees us as the leader in providing workers compensation solutions to 100s of SMEs.

Whilst our business is young our depth of experience is not. Our Executive Team behind Premium Strategies has a combined industry experience of over50 years. Our highly skilled consultants have been carefully selected and are able to provide a unique integration of specialist claims, premiums and policy management.

Our team have worked on the insurer side of the industry fence and know the frustration of red tape, call centre turnover and the lack of personalised customer attention. They have each joined us to make a difference.

We pride ourselves on employing a team of highly skilled industry experts and truly believe our greatest asset are our people. Whilst they are known in the industry for their individual specialties and broad experience, when combined they come together to deliver the best strategic solutions and outcomes.

Premium Strategies is a company with a strong culture of integrity, excellence in client service and constant delivery of substantial financial returns to our clients.

Our track record proves that we not only remove the burden of managing workers compensation, through our interventions, your premiums will reduce significantly more than the cost of engaging Premium Strategies. The net result is your workers compensation headaches go down and your cash flow increases.

Premium Strategies worked with a 300+ FTE employer who already had a WHS consultant in place. Neither our client nor their consultant were up to the complex task of managing escalating workplace incidents and claims costs. Within five months of our engagement, we saved our client over $2m which guaranteed the security of over 300 Australian jobs.

We were engaged by a client with 15 employees and were able to work with him and his insurer to reduce his workers compensation costs by $160,000. This family-owned business were then able to re-invest $160,000 back into the business.


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